Meeste käekellad Time Berlin Video & Camera Watch

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Product Description

Meeste käekellad Time Berlin, heas seisu- ja töökorras!


Broneerimiseks või teiste küsimuste korral, palun helistage 56 88 02 02, Lasnamae Pae 80


A high quality three - hand stainless steel watch with integrated video, camera and microphone. The surveillance lens allows you to shoot videos with sound, take photos or make audio recordings then download via the USB cable (included) to your PC or notebook. With 4 GB internal memory this stainless steel watch has a sporty strap. 2 year global warranty.

Battery Usage

For an optimal performance of the battery, avoid charging full cycle (0-100%). Instead, top it up regularly in shorter charges.

Turn off your watch while it is charging. Using the watch while charging will only slow the process down.

Ensure you use your genuine Time Berlin charging cable and a 5V1A adapter for camera charging. Avoid using other low quality chargers which can damage your battery and could also be dangerous.

High voltage stresses the battery, so in fact, it is better not to fully charge. Partial – charging is the way forward.

Avoid putting your watch in high temperatures, this could put your battery into a lot of stress and decrease its longevity